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what a fabulous community.

When i first joined LJ i looked for ski racing communities and didn't find any, so i'm really glad this was created!
Anyway, i see its already a little dead, but i thought i'd post and see what would happen.

So, I'm Denise, I'm 17, i've been skiing since i was 2 but only racing for about 3 years. I live in Ohio, so mostly i race in NY. My skiis are Dynastars. My parents were both racers, my father was sponsered by Elan. i guess he was really good, i dont know, he doesnt talk about it, now its all about me i guess.

um, what else? last season i was number one in ohio for NASTAR racers in my age division, so i guess i could have gone to nationals for that, but i didnt, because NASTARS just something i do for fun when i'm bored free skiing. I actually race with the CMSC (cleveland metro ski council) junior program. I practice four days a week at a local ski area and race most weekends.

and um, this winter i was late coming out of a turn at practice so i took the next one really sharp, and went down, breaking the gate, and my arm (my alma, or ulma, whateve,r the bone in your forearm). But i convinced the doctor to give me a removable plastic cast so i could put it on over my underarmor and fit my speed suit over it and still race. i raced in a cast for six weeks. which was probably about the coolest thing i ever did. though my father has a great video of me at Swain (tiny resort in NY) racing, and i fall and you cant see me because he started packing up the camera to come get me, but he forgot to stop recording so you just hear me screaming as i jumped back up. its kind of funny.

ok, what abotu everyone else, how long have you been racing/skiing, and what are your interesting stories?
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