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hey everyone! i have been looking for a ski racing community forever! this rocks! well i'm 16 and from London, Ontario...we don't have very big hills but i get out to the big ones as much as possible.  I race from a small hill called Cobble Hills. I started skiing when i was about 2 or 3, and racing when i was 6 with my best friend owen.  I've won High Points Female from my club every year since then.  my teams pretty much the slack team from a small hill who kicks everyone elses asses.  Every race either me or my friend emily get first, and the other gets 2nd.  (sorry not bragging...just I have Rossignals(9X OVERSIZE) and Dynastars(64).umm so yea i've got some pictures to make this exciting! actually. a lot of pictures.

my skis. yes. i take pictures of them. me. me and em in the wood(collingwood)me. about half my team. from left- rebecca, me, emily, owen, matt, adam. me and our manager...aka owens sister laura. me. our coach bob bish.


feel free to add me!

post pictures if you have them. please.


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fabulous, i think i only have one quality picture (though we have many, many digital videos my father takes and makes me watch for training but maybe i'll post it. welcome!
Oh I miss skiing.

Thanks for joining!
Lovely pictures.
I have the same skis.
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